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    As you may already know, Yahoo Groups only offers a minimal amount of space for us to post our collection of x-rated photos & videos to our group before we run out of space and can no longer post any new pictures or movie clips for our group members to enjoy.

    In order to get more storage space some other groups have continued to open new Group accounts in sequential order such as Hot-Pics1, Hot-Pics2 and so on. We considered using this method for a time but heard complaints that it only increased the amount of spam received by our members and made it difficult to give them hassle-free access to our content easily.

    Luckily enough in the beginning of February 2005 one of our long-time members offered us an unlimited amount of storage space on one of his media servers so we could provide all our members with the video content we felt they would best enjoy!

    Our agreement requires us to make sure that it is legal for our visitors to be accessing the video content on this new server or we risk having ALL of our Groups closed down. In order to do this we have found a completely free way for our members to make it known to us that adult content is legal in their area and get instant access to all our video archives from ALL of our Yahoo Groups! Using an adult content service from SexKey we are able to allow our users to simply state that viewing adult material is legal for them by supplying their credit card info (sorry to those that don't have cards, this was the only way we could satisfy the requirements regardless of what country they currently reside in) Unfortunately we are no longer offering the ability to email a scan of your passport to gain access.

    SexKey is a very reputable system and are used all over the internet to provide easy access to adult materials at no cost to the user. Thank you for your patience and understanding, we know you will enjoy the video clips we have collected for you to post inside!

    We are also currenty working on a brand-new system where you can request certain video clips to be posted and we will do our best to accomodate our members!

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